Best Men's Salon in New York

The size of your bouffant may very much depend on your age. Edgy styles once reserved for the kings of rock have been mainstreamed by Bieber and the boy bands. It’s highly unlikely you’ll catch an esteemed gentleman sporting that 90’s ramen noodle look.

That shouldn’t stop you opting for the dishevelled look, lets face it, the ladies love it. But can the double life of weekend warrior and occupational overlord live harmoniously, never treading on each other’s toes? Or do you need to go with one or the other, pleasing either the wife or the mother.

Chaps & Co are on hand to help tackle the dilemma as we take a look at some middle of the market options and go ‘Wild but Styled’.

A side swept undercut makes the top of the list for us. With many variations to the style, it looks as good flopping about lose and unkempt at a party as it does slicked back on a Monday morning strolling into the office like a boss.

Thick hair? Slightly wavy? Why not grow it out? Keep long hair well maintained with trims when needed to keep split ends at bay. Loose at the weekend and kept under control and in line for the board of directors.

If you’ve got a kinky ‘fro, there’s only one wild way to go. A tapered afro top combines shaved and tapered sides, with the ‘fro popping out the top. If you’ve not got the kink for the natural hold, a little bit of product should give it that extra ‘pop’ to help it defy gravity, and then a little less for when you’re meeting important clients.

For the more prudent punks among us, the fauxhawk is a concept that can concrete your credentials as a part-time crazy. A better-behaved little brother of the mohawk, this eye-catching number stands up and out whilst remaining professional – sort of.

A gelled quiff is often a great way to set a messy and carefree medium cut into shape. After a weekend of ignoring the twigs and leaves you’ve called a haircut run a comb through it, apply plenty of gel, sweep it all back, jam a side parting in with the comb and sculpt a quiff up front.

If you’ve got a round face, the perfect compliment to that is a squared off haircut. Shaved and tapered sides with a medium length on top and volume above the forehead, great for defining the contours of your face. Left product free, it’s also great for undefining them on a Saturday morning.

There’s always an option for the more adventurous in life, some like the weekend wild and the workdays mild, thankfully the wild look is often just a splash of product away. At Chaps & Co we’ve got bags more than just the skills to achieve the look you’re after, we can give you the know-how for taming your mane when you need to buck up for business.

From hair and beard, to colour and keratin book into one of our salons and let our expert stylists take you up a level. Had a busy week? Why not book in for a fix with a range of massages, treatments for hands, body and feet or a combo to keep you fresh and tuned in from tip to toe.