There are many reasons for visiting a Barbershop. Without stating the obvious, I’m going to charm you from your cave and into my adjustable leather chair of luxuriation. The levels of comfort, through the roof. The hospitality, blows the lid off the jar it is contained in. The service, Sir, all round, will leave you feeling like the King of somewhere extraordinary.

But on a serious note, there are benefits to a barbershop that a home visit or regular old hairdressers fall short on. Home/ “Mobile” haircuts, for the most part are a new thing. But the biggest question still remains: Is it actually safe?

The easiest way to answer is to boast about how safe our barbershops are.

COVID-19 Continues

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is a bit of a stickler and it seems we’re still having to learn to live with it for the time being. To reiterate our previous posts, here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe, and what we’d kindly ask of you in return.

Thanks to the UAE authorities for the supreme leadership and guidance, we’ve managed to still see tens of thousands of customers since lock down was lifted.

Chaps & Co are still adhering to the disinfecting guidelines, that means the shops are sanitised and cleaned thoroughly in between each appointment. This includes all equipment, chairs and counters.

All our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE at all times, such as gloves and masks. Hands and workstations will also be cleaned in between each appointment. Each team member will also have their temperature checked before each shift with a non-contact thermometer as well as weekly testing of staff. Proudly, some of our Staff we’re first in line for the vaccine.

So, going to get your haircut is low risk. Barbershops and hair salons are considered low risk simply because they are a controlled and regulated environment to begin with.

With a home visit, you must trust that the person has been completely honest about their level of potential exposure, symptoms and that they’ve taken necessary precautions. The homes they visited prior to your own will not have fallen under the same scrutiny as a barbershop or salon.

A few more reasons:  

Equipment for any Eventuality 

If you got to choose the location you’d be having a coronary disaster, I’m banking on it being a hospital. Likewise, if your trim starts taking a turn for the worse, you’d want all the specialist equipment for a recovery within an arms-reach. When your hairdresser visits your home, there’s no way they can bring it all. Hair washing? Nothing beats it at the barbershop.

It is not your Kitchen 

Let’s face it, a home haircut usually gets going in the kitchen. The lack of carpet makes sweeping the hair up an easier task, although can you be sure you got it all? As the place you prepare your meals and spend time talking your friends ears off at parties, a kitchen is no place for a haircut.

With an appointment made, your barber can plan ahead for your arrival. If it’s a barber you’ve been using on the regular, they’ll no doubt have an idea of what you’re coming in for. These efficiencies and efforts allow for extras. Making the barbershop more of an experience than a routine chore is what separates us from the mundane monotony of simply cutting hair. That said, when we return to an acceptable level of safety, we’ll be sure to re-look at our  Mobile/Home Services again.

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