It’s no secret that across the globe in the 21st century, the adoption of male grooming by men has really taken off. With a more self-conscious man to accommodate, the use of male grooming products and the frequency of trips to the barbershop have seen a boom. The modern man is well presented and packing plenty of panache.


Founded in 2015 our company has grown to six locations in quick succession following consecutive launches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our vision since inception in 2015 is to transform a regular chore (a haircut) into a pleasurable experience.

Ever since it’s been our mission to constantly reinforce our position as the dominant name in this growing, yet niche market.

Split Ends

Our plans for 2020 were put on ice in March of this year. Like many businesses our barbershops suffered considerably due to the unprecedented global pandemic. Soon thereafter we closed our doors for over a month, as per the UAE’s mandatory lock-down regulations along with most of the world.

Three shops that we’re due to launch for this year have subsequently halted. A double opening in Riyadh KSA, and our maiden branch outside of the GCC in New York City.

Repair & Replenish

When people ask about our future, it’s hard not to be dis-heartened by what 2020 has delivered. However, as always, our brilliantly resilient team are focused on achieving our vision in 2021, where at least the three shops will open, and possibly more.

The hard work put in by the Chaps & Co family is what keeps us propelling forward. Whilst learning to operate in new ways after COVID-19. The positivity presiding over our people, from the top to the bottom gives us the drive we need to carry on and as we recover from the pandemic, we return stronger and wiser.

Infinity & Beyond

So long as the world is turning and hair is growing, we’ll be at the chair with our scissors. With The Big Apple set for a Chaps & Co refashioning, our network arrives in another corner of the globe. Wherever you see our logo, you can expect to find our commitment to a classy customer experience.

Book into one of our salons and let our expert hairdressers take you up a level.