What do men really want? This age-old question has plagued the minds of the fairer sex since the dawn of time. With Valentines day just around the corner, we thought we’d throw fire into the wind and see if we can’t help get our Chaps just what they want for Valentines day.

A Hoodie

With Valentines standing as a day for lovers, you want your Chap to feel loved. A nice, big comfortable hoodie for him to wear around the house or out and about is perfect. Lounge wear is underrated, your Chap can be reminded of you every time he pops it on for a night on the sofa or a jog round the park. And then later in the year, you can steal it and claim it back as your own. (Where has my Adidas hoodie gone, Gillian?)

Bless Him with Beef

The most traditional gift, one that dates back to Neolithic times, is a steak. The trimmings have somewhat evolved, as have your Chaps (hopefully). Baby potatoes, asparagus, peppercorn sauce, mushrooms, this is a gift you can both enjoy whilst staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.

If you’re unable to get out for a steak dinner, finding two filet mignons in the fridge will see your Chap beaming from ear to ear. Even if he has to cook them himself.

Give the Gift of a Gift Card

You might have an impossible Chap. You might have a Chap who seems to have all he wants (especially in you). Well, if this is your situation, why not treat him to something he can use in his own time, as he sees fit.

Gift cards work perfectly as presents. Your Chap can slide it in his wallet behind his favourite photo of you and claim his gift whenever he feels like it. Chaps & Co offer a range of both e-card and physical gift cards that can be used for any of our services, all year round. Click here to go to our gift card page.

However you end up spending your Valentines day, we hope you enjoy it. Valentine’s day is about cherishing loved ones and letting them know you care, so even the smallest of gestures can mean the world.