In the year of two-thousand-and-twenty we do not have hoverboards. In the year of two-thousand-and-twenty women are not giants. In the year of two-thousand-and-twenty, most people do have computers in their homes. In the year of two-thousand-and-twenty, grooming and cosmetics are as much for the man, as they are for the women. Welcome to the world of ‘Manscaping’.

For the last twenty years the internet has brought into our homes, as much or as little about the world around us as we’d allow in. This has led to an expanding number of men wanting to follow fashions and keep up with the patriarchal icons of the time.

Of course, there have always been fashions to follow. The groomed gentlemen of the twenty-first century, however, require much more attention that their more rough and rugged ancestry. If you look back to the start of the 1900’s you’ll find a much more refined look. This was hijacked by a rebellion of sorts, when the hippies started growing out their hair, as a protest against conformity.

This wanton act of rebellion has gone full circle it seems, and although the grown out look remains, a well-groomed, waxed, manicured man has risen from the ashes.

The mani-pedi can now be found on offer at many barbershops and male grooming salons. The manicure and pedicure, to give it the full title is a delicate trimming, buffing and polish of your nails, on both hands (mani) and feet (pedi). A regular mani-pedi will keep your nails and the skin around your nails fresh, fragrant and fancy.

Shaving, waxing and trimming back any excess hair is perfectly fine. As well as keeping your lady happy, you’ll feel fresher, smell better and swim faster. This is a simple way to feel more comfortable through the day and make scrubbing and moisturising less of a chore.

Trimming out your nose hair is no longer the plucking nightmare it once was. Most beard trimmers come with a nose gardening extension. When the roots of your brain are hanging out of your nostrils, it distracts from the beauty to be found in your eyes.

Eyebrow threading will keep those creepy caterpillars from crawling around your corneas. A moderate upkeep of these furry face friends will definitely keep a look in check, but never, ever, shave them completely off. Your eyebrows stop sweat from rolling into your eyes and serve a very important function.

Whatever you take home from our manscaping manifesto, know that Chaps & Co are onside for assistance. From hair and beard, to colour and keratin, book into one of our barbershops and let our expert barbers take you up a level. Had a busy week? Our mani-pedi treatments for hands and feet, will keep you fresh and tuned in from tip to toe.