Making a visit to the Barbers to iron out some of the finer details should be a part of every man’s schedule. People of all persuasions love pampering, even the most heartless Bond villain wouldn’t be able to resist. Offerings of a relaxing, radiant rubbing of his shoulders after a long day holding the world to ransom, blissful.  

At Chaps & Co we offer a range of treatments aimed at working the week out from your head down to your feet. You might have been busy at the gym, accomplished some targets at work or just feel like a bit of you time has been missing. The Fix is a bag of tricks, designed to keep you sharp and in the mix. 


With four types of massage to choose from, this popular service will work all the knots out. Your muscles are constantly working in everything you do. Our massage therapies help the tissue to relax, reducing nerve compression and the risk of muscle spasms and contractions.  

We offer a quick fix express back massage for the man on the go, a more delicate Swedish massage for the ultimate in relaxation, a Balinese massage which combines of gentle stretches, acupressure and reflexology or a deep tissue sports massage that will leave you a fit, flexible and fresh fellow.  All massages have available add on’s- Hot Stones, Body scrubs to name a couple.  


Keeping the skin on your face at optimum health is something that will benefit you long into the future. The health of your skin determines its deterioration, and with regular facials the wrinkles can be fended off much later into life.  

Again, we offer an express service for facials. These are designed to give the least disruption to your day. A quick in and out to keep your skin healthy and glowing that can be accomplished in a dinner hour. For a deeper clean you should check in for a Mr Handsome, a detoxing and decongesting treatment or our Forever Young. The full works, with added anti-ageing treatment.  

Mani Pedi 

The health of the skin around your finger and toenails and indeed the health of your nails themselves are important. Your fingers especially, are continuously busy. Giving those tips a little treat will keep them from resembling a zombie’s hand as it breaches its shallow grave.  

A Mani Pedi not only provides a deep clean for your nails, it helps promote good circulation in your hands and feet. These can be booked as a combo or individually.   

Everything Else 

On top of all the above we also offer waxing, body scrubs and back cleansing. Each treatment is delivered by a professional therapist and the experience is tailored to be as relaxing and unintrusive as possible.  

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