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As temperatures rise, keeping cool whilst still looking cool becomes a more pressing matter for many men. Anyone with a whole heap of hair on their head will tell you, with hot weather comes a horrendously humid headspace.

Lowering that temperature behind the ears is the key. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of cool cuts to keep the clamminess at bay whist retaining maximum impact on the style front.

The most obvious and coolest of the cuts is a shaved head. Be warned, the shaved head operates like an alligator and can pull you under for keeps. Unless your hair grows at a healthy rate, this needs serious consideration as once you shave it all off, you may never return to what once was. The freedom, simplicity and minimal attention is often too good to turn back.

The High and Not So Tight runs a close cut round the back and sides but leaves some up top for you to form into a fashion.

If you’re used to a longer cut and don’t fancy furloughing your follicles until fall, a medium shag maybe the answer. Leaving a medium length all over, the unkempt nature of the style allows it to be aerated and thus keeping you cooler.

A medium fringe can be as low maintenance as a shaved head. If you’ve a good balance of body in your bouffant, just running your fingers through the weighted top can be enough to set the look. Shorter round the sides so you’re not sweltering in the heat.

The Buzz Cut (AED70) gives a similar finish to the shaved head but leaves a little more texture up top to soften the blow of the baldness. In between the shaved head and the buzz cut, there’s a skin fade which takes it a bit closer to the bone around the sides. This leaves visable skin on the back and sides.

Short and Slicked Back makes use of a short to medium length top and gives you the choice of classic fade or skin fade around the sides. This streamlined style feels fresh and looks fine.

However you plan on tackling the heat, hopefully these hints take some weight off your feet. Chaps & Co are on side, ready to service your style. From hair and beard, to colour and keratin book into one of our hair salons and let our expert barbers take you up a level. Had a busy week? Our mani-pedi treatments for hands and feet, will keep you fresh and tuned in from tip to toe.