Barbering has, in recent years become much more than just trimming hair. From the early days of the Gents Barbershops where Colin trimmed your hair with a roll-up cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth, the Gents Barbershops of the 21st century are as stylish as the cuts they produce.

As men’s fashion expands, the need for professionals on the ground also increases. A barber is something the 21st century man can aspire to become. Styling, trimming, shaping heads, beards and more with an array of razors, scissors and hair care products. The modern barber is not only armed to the teeth but has a skillset to match.

With independent barbershops and salons opening all over the world, it’s one of the fastest growing industries. The demands of social media have brought with it generations of men requiring photogenic fix ups for Facebook. The backlash of this demand? The need for armies of highly trained individuals with a particular set of skills who will find you, trim you and style you.

Making the Cut

There are many routes (or roots, dependent on whether you like your puns intentional or not) to becoming a barber. Many collages and universities now offer courses for male barbers and grooming. Apprenticeships, Barber schools and fashion industries all extend olive branches to those wanting to make the cut.

Industry standards have increased. Creativity now plays a huge part, and with world competitions, awards and accolades available for recognition of outstanding work, becoming a barber can take you around the world.

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Chaps & Co are currently looking to add to their team of extraordinary barbers. We only hire barbers with great attitude and energy. When it comes to talent and style, there are no boundaries. Artistic flair is the key and we’ll provide you the stage on which you can find your fire.

Chaps is a no-nonsense fast-paced environment. But most importantly, we embrace a team and family mentality that we feel is lacking in the barbering industry. As part of the Chaps & Co family you will have a whole host of barbering knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Interested? Simply send us your details and a little bit about you and your experience and we’ll get back to you even if you’re not successful this time.

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