But Chaps & Co, it’s February? We hear you loud and clear. January is filled with all and sundry advising you on self-improvement. We’ve opted to reiterate your options at a time when many have forgotten those bleak promises made to themselves after filling up through the festive period.

The year 2020 was challenging. For many, 2021 is looking like it may hold more of the same. Although through our tenacious, adaptability as a species, ‘21 will be undoubtedly a little easier.

If we’re going to have a better year, understanding that it may still be tough is the first hill to climb. But if you’ve accepted that, then bolstering wheels to your chariot of life and coasting down the other side of the hill will be way more fun. Now it’s February, we should have a clear view of the top at least.

Without being too clichéd or preachy, here are a few little ideas of things you can achieve, at home, for a bit of personal harmony.


The year 2020 was the year most of us discovered the acronym WFH. When the home becomes the workplace, you need to make sure you’re still finding some zen. Meditation can be a little or as much of what you want it to be. Taking twenty minutes out of your day to lie in silence and do nothing could probably be classed as meditation.

A quick search on YouTube will return some videos on guided meditation. This method of finding inner peace can take as little as thirty minutes to an hour, more if you have the time. Finding a truly relaxing state after a day of work will do wonders for your mind, body and soul. Try and commit twenty minutes a day to relaxing, recuperate some energy.


For some, the joy of reading is lost at a young age. The pressures of school and being forced to read for anything other than enjoyment can quickly whittle away. The variety of genres and styles out there is endless. Add to that the internet, it’s full of incredible content written by people just like you, who simply want to get stuff off their chest.

The benefits of reading for enjoyment are endless. If you’re really not a reader, have you tried the joys of the audiobook? It’s a great way to digest information, pass time, and enjoy someone’s work. You’re here reading our blog, so we may be preaching to the converted, but the world of words is vast, and we didn’t even mention podcasts.

Create a Personal Space

This, especially for those of us working from home should now be an essential. If you’re heeding our advice on the first two suggestions, you may find this fits in perfectly. A cosy corner in your home, with a view, or little distraction, that is quiet and comforting is perfect for reading, relaxing or creating.

Somewhere that isn’t a living room and isn’t an office. An escape. Rocking chair and footstools, yes please. Yoga matt and bean bag, why not? A little bit of Feng Sui, the option for fresh air, a collaborative combination of cool and calm. Perfect.

We hope you’re all keeping on track with your new year promises and making the most out of what you have. Don’t forget, if you need a little extra to relax, you can pick a location here and book in for The Fix with one of our trained professionals.