The 2nd December is a special holiday for the UAE. The celebrated date marks both the nationalisation of the UAE and the unification of the seven emirates. Now in its 49th year the celebrations have become a two-day holiday, and this year offers a five-day weekend for public and private sector workers.

Buildings across the city will be decorated in the colours of the UAE’s flag and the Burj Khalifa stands as the centre piece. With a festival vibe descending, some of the best aspects of the regions culture are on display with parades, dancing and entertainment.

Big Bangs

The most anticipated events of the long weekend are the firework displays. You can see them at Festival City, on the 2nd at both 7pm and 9.30pm, and Global Village at 8pm. Guests are asked to respect social distancing measures and in return, will bare witness to spectacularly choreographed displays of awe and magnificence.

Seeds of Union

As we’re still in a period of recovery from the pandemic, a live digital show has been produced called Seeds of Union. Airing live across the region, this digital visual broadcast allows you to join the celebrations virtually from the safety of your own home.

Featuring moving sculptures surrounded by the sea, representations of various elements of Emirati culture and history will be broadcast across the city.

UAE Themed Laser Show

Festival city is playing host to a magnificent laser show. IMAGINE, is a two-times world record breaking sensory and visual experience. The show encompasses lasers, fountains, fire, lights and music to tell stories in a 360-degree, family experience that will not be forgotten. Again, strict regulations will be followed to ensure the safety of all guests in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Chaps & Co

For Chaps & Co, it’ll be business as usual. The celebrations usually pose a busy time for us. We’ll be out enjoying the holiday’s offerings where we can, but if you need to get in for any of our services or treatments, we’d recommend booking early to save disappointment. You can pick a location by clicking here.

However you spend your long weekend, we hope you get to see everything you set out for and remember to stay safe.