For some, the end of Movember marks a sad time. The wife is sick if the sight of your lip friend and the shavers are here to take care of it for her. The passing of the ‘stache is cushioned by the fact you raised a pretty penny for a great cause though, and next year will be here in no time.

We had the most successful Movember to date at Chaps & Co. We collected Polaroids of all our friends and customers that came through furry. With two pop up walls to display them, we snapped some really creative curlers and heard some really positive news about all the money you Chaps raised.

Thanks for Mo’ing With Us

With hundreds taking part, there are far too many to mention. Instead, we’d just like to give a massive thankyou to everyone for Mo’ing with us. Also, well done to the millions world-wide for keeping the momentum behind the movement.

Movember serves to build awareness for men’s health. Be that mental, physical or simply support, the need to look for each other has never been higher. Chaps & Co hold these issues close, our band of brothers know the struggles men face. Awareness, support and resources all go a long way to combating the problem.

Mo Good News

News from Movember HQ is that they’re now creating a prostate cancer super network, a world first. Connecting patients and specialists from across the globe and giving them a platform to share. The super network will enable them to share information on diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survivorship as way of collective resources for anyone effected by the disease. You can read more about that on there site by clicking here.

Chaps & Co MeMOrandum

And now, without further ado, here’s the Chaps & Co Movember 2020 hall of fame.