Some people have an unquenchable desire to grow themselves a little face forest. Some people’s desires remain unquenched because of the ridiculous and tedious stage between bald lip and crawly caterpillar.  

It’s a contentious issue, but thankfully a clever-clogs somewhere came up with a solution, circa 2006.  

If you’ve never heard of Movember, you may have been living under a rock for the last fifteen years. Either that, or you’ve spent the eleventh month of every year perplexed at the amount of ridiculous furry face furlongs flittering around unfashionably.  

When you grow a nose wig for charity, not only do you raise money, but you have a great excuse for the period between planting and plumage. Some of us are obviously more able than others in bristle baton burgeoning, but its not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  

Each year you can follow the hashtags on social media and find some seriously stupendous soup strainers. The veterans of upper lipholstery really up their game throughout the month, and year by year they grow the ear to ear, more and more queer.  

Whether you’ve already got a nose-neighbour, or you’re starting a ‘stache from scratch, getting friends and family in on the action for some stiff upper-lip competition serves as a great way to garner more greenbacks for the charities.  

The money Movember accrues each year all goes towards men’s health. It could be Testicular cancer, Prostate or the prevalent suicide among men in 2020. Wherever it goes, it’s a great cause and just Bro’s being Bro’s, by growing top lip Fros 

Take this as your formal invitation to join Chaps & Co in a Movember challenge, raise some good money for charity and perhaps find a new face friend. You might find it’s a permanent feature adding new dimensions to your face and keeping your top lip warm on windy days.  

What’s more, once you’ve created your cookie duster, you can pop in to see us and have it sculpted. 

For the fifth year running, Chaps & Co are proudly supporting Movember with Complimentary “Shave Off’s” in all UAE branches. Feel free to book an appointment, (on us) between the 30th October – 2nd November to get yourself in prime position for the Movember month. 

Check out #Movember photo wall at our JLT branch and Marina Branch all month!

We don’t just care for hair up-top, we have a whole range of services aimed at making the best man we can out of you. If you fancy a new style for your flavour saver, slide into our appointment book and let us have a look.  *book now* 

For more information on how to get involved with Movember you can click here

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