Curly hair once successfully managed is absolutely a blessing. For the most part, you wouldn’t just wake up one day to find your hair curly, you’ll have lived with it for pretty much all of your life. For some, the twisty twining tufts can be obtained through various washing rituals and routines.

Managing curly hair is often what puts those capable off the idea. It’s really not as difficult as you think though. Through a few simple steps you can have strong, healthy, curly hair without putting in extensive work.

Try and Keep it Dry

Curly tends to be a result of dry, coarse hair. It’s the dryness that keeps it curled, so washing it too often will kill your coils. Consider reducing washes to just a couple of times a week. Always best to cut and style curly hair when its dry as well.

Because of the dry nature of your hair, locking moisture in is the best way of keeping it healthy. Apply a decent moisturiser once a week and if you use product on there such as wax, apply when wet to lock the moisture in. When using products, avoid anything with an alcohol content as this will dehydrate your hair.

If your locks lean naturally towards a greasier finish, find a shampoo that suits. There are plenty that will work alongside your hair’s natural oils to keep your wiggles wonderfully well kempt.

Keep it Trimmed

Keeping your hair trimmed, even if you’re growing it out is essential for any head. Regular maintenance is key to keeping it healthy. The style will obviously on how often you visit your barber. If you’re growing it out in length, it’s still good practice to look after the ends promoting healthy hair.

Style it Out

Once you’ve grown a superb set of curly locks, a world of styling opportunity opens up. There are a few styling products you could consider keeping in your arsenal.

A foam or spray, coconut or sea salt, perfect for volume, decent hold and a natural finish. For those smaller tight curls, work some pre-styling product in from root to tip before drying it off with a hair dryer before finishing with a molding cream.

If you’re just not feeling it, you could always opt for the paddle brush and straighteners. Switch it up and straighten it out.

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