2019 mens hair trends

The latter years of the last decade have been dominated by the big wig. Although the fade never really faded, big hair was everywhere and in 2019 we saw that trend trimmed back and contained with many opting for shorter, neater cuts again.

Tommy’s (Selby) textured crop seemed to be the inspiration we needed and Cillian Murphy’s character in the Peaky Blinders marched us into 2019 shouting “we can change what we do”. With a high fade or disconnected undercut round the sides and back, the top is left free and flimsy to be fashioned into a range of styles to suit your suit.

A twist on the traditional slick back, the comb over slick back was seen on the top of the tops, Beckham (David) and Brad (Pitt). This combination of styles features the hair on sides and back cut short but left long on the top and rather than brushed straight back, comb it over diagonally or part it from the side. Cristiano Ronaldo has used this style for years as part of his aerodynamic aesthetics.

It wasn’t all fades and flicks, however. The messy man bobs and buns remained resilient for the rugged rogues amongst us. Whilst you might look like you just got out of bed and simply couldn’t be bothered, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and there’s a lot to be said for a man with any considerable length of hair that remains in a fashionable condition without effort. Forever Russell’s Brand, Thor’s thorough thatch really needs nothing more than a quick comb to shape the slickest of styles when required.

In comparison, the bald man’s bouffant, or the buzz cut is quite the polar opposite of the bob, unless of course we’re talking about the time taken to get it ready in the morning. In which case, it might have it pipped at the post. This is a look you need to be 100% confident about going into, because dependent on the time it takes to grow back, there’s no going back (just ask Britney). Variations in length can be the difference between societal acceptance and all out rebellion. This military precision can always be combined with a beard to take the edge off your weird shaped head.

Tapered high and tight? Not quite the buzz cut, more taken off than the textured crop, still accepted in the army. This tidy little number is fairly low maintenance and quite flexible with the length you leave on top allowing for variations in its style. Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds likes to keep it high and tight.

Whatever your style over the last year, or indeed over the last decade, our expert barbers can consult you on a style perfectly suited to you. Click here to choose your nearest Chaps & Co salon and book your appointment today.