There comes a time in every little boy’s life, where he needs his first haircut. Dependent on how fast his hair grows, how attached you’ve become to his locks or the say of his mother, he could be one, four, five or anywhere in between.

At Chaps & Co we cater for the little heads of future kings. We understand the importance and that every child has different needs. By pre-booking with us we’ll make sure we have covered all eventualities. Whether it’s their first cut, or another routine trim we’ll treat him to an experience fit for a prince.


Outside of a peek-a-boo, surprise party or a visit from Grandpa, babies and toddlers don’t appreciate surprises. Hang-on, no, babies and toddlers love surprises. What they don’t enjoy, is the unknown.

Imagine, your life has been soft cuddly bears, children’s TV and cake. Now a man with some pointy scissors has wrapped you up in a towel and is maneuvering the scissors towards your head. Preparing the young prince for the experience will go a long way. Dropping the word cut and replacing it with trim might be helpful. Perhaps watch some videos on YouTube or read a book about first haircuts together.

Booking Ahead

With prior notice, in particular if you think there’s a chance of tears, we can make sure everything is warm, welcome and inviting. To make the experience more comfortable for both barber and boy, we’ve specially adapted booster seats for our barber’s chair. Bringing his favourite toy can always be a welcome distraction from the sometimes-daunting occurrences of the unknown.

It’s always best to book the appointment in between a meal and a nap where possible. Too many barbers have lost digits to hungry toddlers or been unwillingly coerced into an afternoon powernap, by the contagious yawns of a youngster.

Our Little Chaps service is available for all children under 14. With capes and masks available in the shop, we’ve got all the COVID compliance taken care of.

The Award Ceremony

We know the importance of recognition. We crave it just as much as adults as we do children. That’s why with every Chaps & Co first hair cut you get a certificate to put up on the fridge or framed in the trophy cabinet. It’s the little bits that count, and also the conditioning of future customers. We want the future kings to remember, when they get into power, who it was that instilled that die hard desire to look dapper.

For more information or if you have any questions about arrangements for first haircuts, feel free to contact us here.

To book into any of our locations for anything from a trim to a full work over, you can click here. Over and out.