Inspiration comes from many places. When it comes to fashion and styles, it’s usually what’s going on in the world of fame that create the characteristics of a culture. This has gone on for as long as humankind has existed. Your style defines your identity, it gives you a sense of belonging.

It’s hard to find an era recorded by photo or painting without seeing similar themes in the style. These can usually be traced to a popular figure or icon. From the Egyptians and Romans, to the Roundheads and the Cavaliers, the Geishas of China or the Nordic bearded Vikings each had their own takes.

In more recent times you can almost certainly guess an era from which a photo was taken by the haircut. With Beatle mania, mods, rockers or the abstract hair-sprayed icons of the eighties you can bet there’ll be a notable distinction for each.

5 Trims that Transcend Both Time and Trends

The scruffy britpop brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher donned their mod style mops long after the mopeds from Quadrophenia had all failed their MOT’s and been scrapped. This look has become the epitome of indie rock culture. With a parker jacket, skinny jeans and Adidas trainers to top it off, you’ll soon be rolling slowly down the hall.

Another cult classic spinning out of the 90’s was the raven black, spiked emo look. Seen most memorably on the heads of new age rockers Greenday. The style was combined with coloured tips, black eye make-up and beetle crusher boots.

Still seen commonly throughout the southern states of the US of A, the mullet has a no-nonsense attitude to style. The length on the top can vary, but generally it’ll be longer around the sides and back. It was all the rage with 80s disc-jockeys and English footballers, not seen as often anymore but definitely identifiable as an iconic look.

One look you’ll definitely know the cultural associations is of course, dreadlocks. These Rastafarian ropes came originally from the Masai tribe of Africa. Popularised by the king of reggae himself, Bob Marley in the 70’s, dreadlocks are commonly associated with the cool ‘stoner’ types.  As cool as they may look, they take a bit of work and can be grown to some extremely impressive lengths.

We couldn’t finish off without a gelled quiff though. Since Elvis Presley himself hit the stage in the swinging 60’s quiffs have added an extra inch to the perceived height of every wannabe sex god of the last 70 years. Immortalized by John Travolta in the 1982 film Grease, that slick-back-rock-top don of the do’s keeps on coming back time and time again.

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