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Going thin up top is a big deal for a lot of guys. If you’ve spent your life using your hair as your headline, failing follicles can knock your pride and confidence. There are of course many treatments for keeping the fringe at the front and the comb-over at bay.

Catching the common symptoms of balding early will play a massive advantage in keeping your locks locked in. Hair loss does not always equate to baldness, especially if you find the right treatments or respond well to follicle stimulation.

Do you recede? Over.

Spotting the signs of baldness is the first challenge. Some of the early tell-tale signs are thinning around the temples, receding hairline, growing slower and of course hair loss. If you notice more hair in the shower, sink or in your bed you’re probably experiencing the hair loss.

You can check the different stages of balding using the Norwood Scale. This internationally recognised scale of male pattern baldness could help you when deciding the direction you need to head (excuse the pun) for your treatment.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

On average around 80% of men will find they suffer male pattern baldness by the age of 50. Catching those afore mentioned early warning signs and acting on them means your can reduce or reverse the effects. Nobody is getting any younger, and we needn’t tell you that this gets worse with age.

You’ve probably heard that stress can cause hair-loss, even without pulling it out yourself. Well there’s no smoke without fire, stress can be a major contributing factor to your hair literally falling out of your head. Dealing with stress is also much more important that keeping your hair. If you’re under pressure, take a step back and relax.

Visit an Expert

If you’re getting concerned about your hair loss, visit a dermatologist, doctor or physician.  A professional opinion will leave you in better stead than any of the try-this-at-home treatments you read about on the internet. Eggs are for bread, not your head.

The Hair Necessities

Something you may want to consider or may have already considered, is changing the products you use. Many styling products and agents contain chemicals that can damage your hair. Switching to a lighter, softer product will likely result in a reduction in hair loss.

Whatever your position there’s usually a solution that doesn’t involve having hair transplants. Most stylists and barbers will be brimming with recommendations or if you’re feeling a little more anxious about the situation, see a doctor or dermatologist.

Balding comes quite naturally to some of us, and if you can own the style you’ve cracked it.

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