There are few things in life that are guaranteed. If you’ve managed to avoid the hair loss fairy, the hair colour fairy is almost certainly going to be chomping at the bit. Some men find those greys coming through in their early twenties. If you’re a goalkeeper for a soccer team, you’ll probably find yourself completely white by forty.

Keeping it all at bay can be an impossible task. Stresses will bring it on quicker, genetics are hard to beat. Sometimes its easier to admit defeat and get yourself booked in for a colour top up. Hair colouring has been around long before you even imagined yourself as a silver fox. This does mean that techniques have been honed, products have been tested and the end result can be spectacular.

As much as we like to stay modest, we are the experts. We don’t like to preach, but sharing a few hints and tips with the brotherhood on keeping your silver secrets safe shouldn’t be a squeeze.


To Dye or Not to Dye?

For some of you lucky chaps out there, going grey may be just another way. For others, it might haunt you in your sleep. For those who seem to go grey almost overnight, the change is often accepted as your appearance as people are used to seeing you that way. Imagine putting glasses on for a day when people don’t associate you with them. It throws them off. When the grey creeps in slowly, that’s when most men seem to take offence and colour their tracks.

Your hair type is going to be another factor to consider. If you’ve got thick bushy hair, it may be difficult to get the desired effect and might take a few treatments. The more treatments you undertake, the more damage you can do to your curly delights. Always ask the experts, everyone has different hair and different expectations, so ask the questions before taking the plunge.


When treating your hair with dye, you’re going to take away some of the essential, natural oils it uses to protect itself. This means you need to show some extra TLC and take a little more time to ensure it’s stays healthy. The obvious go to is the shampoo and conditioner you use. There are plenty of shampoos designed for dyed hair. They might be a give away lined up in your bathroom, but in the long run they’ll be beneficial.

Conceal the Evidence and Tone it Down

When the greys start coming through, they can be patchy. You won’t be alone in banning the badger look, however. Little touch ups using a colour just a grade or two below your natural tone will help balance the books and protect the looks. If you aim for something identical to your natural colour, you risk over-compensating and revealing the secret. Shhhh.

We have colour experts in all Chaps branches. The process starts with a consultation form and allergy test to ensure your eligible.

The price depends on the length of your hair, but the most common “Short hair colouring” starts from just AED350 and while it’s not necessary, a four to six weeks is generally a good timeframe in maintaining your color and overall hair quality.

Going All Out

We don’t all have dirty grey secrets to hide. Some of you more adventurous chaps are looking for change. A change of hair colour is a bold statement. It’s one you should consider carefully because repeated treatments to cover up horrendously hatched plans will ruin your locks.

It should go without saying that if you’ve got thick black hair, you’re not going to be a blonde bombshell anytime soon. Same applies the other way around. If your goal is the other end of the scale, it’s going to take little steps. One tone at a time. It’s definitely a job for the professionals, so take as much advice from the experts as you can before setting out to conquer the colours.



Top Up Techniques

So once you’ve cleaned up your act, how do you stop it coming back? The short answer to this is you won’t. This is also worth consideration. There’s no long-term solution to going grey so if you’re planning on hiding the horrors for ten years, your barber has a trust fund in your head.

Maintaining it as minimally as you can is the best route. Don’t over apply, top up when and where needed. A little grey streak here and there won’t really shock you in the mirror every time you go potty. Focus on combatting the larger patches or consider a haircut that shortens them.

Our best advice is to embrace it. Far too many men get caught up colouring out their inevitable fate. If you can go grey gracefully, you’ll be happier all round. If you’re worried about the future turning black and white again, like those old photo’s you see, pop in and speak to one of our barbers.

From hair and beard, to colour and keratin book into one of our barbershops and let our expert barbers take you up a level.