Tis nearly the season to be jolly. After what was likely the most stressful year that a lot of us have ever lived, the arrival of some festive cheers will undoubtedly be more than welcome for many. With any luck a little bit of retail therapy, catch-ups with family and friends coupled with more food and drink than you can shake a stick at will do their bit in restoring your zen.

Chaps & Co know the struggles of buying for men. We are them. The shoulder shrugging, passive ‘I don’t know’ woe that we churn out every year is as predictable as a Rambo film (1st Suggestion). Gents feel free to forward the article to your lady, your Mum, your sister or aunts and hopefully we can lead them to Xmas success.

We’ve compiled a list of items that we think will bowl over your bloke this Xmas.


The Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card. It’s the gift that gives your guy exactly what he wants. Here at Chaps & Co we have a range of gift cards for a range of occasions. This may sound like a shameless self-promotion, but it is our blog and after saving your Xmas, we thought it only fair.

Chaps & Co gift cards are available by clicking here. There are different cards for different services, eCards as well as physical gift cards, and they can be used across all of our barbershops subject to service availability. The physical cards can be shipped to any UAE address.

For our full range of options, click here.

Socks and Boxers

The modern man is a little more adept than his neanderthal ancestry. He now knows where he can pick up briefs, socks and boxers. That doesn’t mean to say that he doesn’t enjoy receiving them as gifts though. Fresh garms in general keep us happy any time of year.


Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey is always a glorious option for any male human of legal drinking age. If they’re young, they’ll like the effects, the more distinguished, those oaky notes. A gift set normally includes glass or some other bar memorabilia so once the drinks done drunk, there’s a little something left over to remember it by.

Hot Sauces

Men, what do they love more than anything else? We’ll tell you, it’s beating their friends at literally anything. Having the fires of hell in your mouth is one of the most popular sports the world over for many a Homer Simpson. From flavorsome habanero hot sauce to mind-blowing third-degree-burning extracts or kits to make your own, hot sauces make great little stocking fillers.


Denying the joy of slippers is an act undertaken only by men who don’t have slippers. If you’ve got any area of your house without carpet, the joy of slippers is untold. The gift of slippers is one that will keep on giving throughout the year. Any man denying the joy of slippers simply isn’t wearing any. Make him wear them. Change his outlook on life.


The road of technology is wrought with mans greatest temptations. The destination in which it leads is full of intense oppositions. Liverpool or United? Nike or Adidas? Android or iPhone? This year however, two giants of our celestial oxygenated tech bubble do battle. Xbox and PlayStation. Their respective ‘next gen’ consoles are out next month so we thought we’d take a look at those first.

In the Red Corner

Weighing in at 9.8lbs and fighting under coach Bill Gates, Microsoft’s Series X promises to be the most powerful console they’ve ever made. Offering most games at a 4k resolution, but with the ability to hit 8k and 120fps, advancements in gaming graphics have much more leeway and wiggle room.

As for games, Microsoft say there will be nothing exclusive to the Series X as everything will be x-compatible for PC gamers. For more info on specs and accessories you can head over to

In the Blue Corner

Weighing in at 9.92lbs with coach Jim Ryan heading the team in the corner, it’s the Play, Station, Fiiiiive. An 825GB SSD will drastically improve the PS5’s performance, that’s double the PS4’s capability. It was also announced that you’ll be able to configure game installations to exclude features you might not require like multiplayer or online, ultimately saving on space and power.

On the games front, we’d expect a few exclusivities like Ratchet and Clank and Gran Turismo to make an appearance. Another consideration for lovers of the PlayStation will be their cheaper digital only console that comes without a disc drive. For a more detailed look, head over to

I Spy with My Doorbell Eye

Video doorbells have been around for several years now. If you haven’t caught onto the craze yet, 2021 should be the latest you get involved. These little devices can let you know when someones at your door instantly, if you’re at home or away.

Pictures or videos can be accessed from a smart phone anytime and in the days of deliveries left on your doorstep. You really never know how much that little bit of recorded information could be worth to you.

That wraps up (puns are always intended) our Xmas suggestions. After a terrible year, we hope you can all make the best of Xmas, wherever you are.

If you can’t wait until then to pay us a visit, you can book into any of our locations by clicking here.