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For many men, growing your first beard signifies the transition from boy to man. For some of us that happens early. For some the complete facial growth remains just out of grasp for our entire lives with patches and slow growth. There are enough styles out there for us all to be able to complete a finished look though.

From the trainee moustache to the grown-out Gandalf facial hair comes in many styles, lengths and traditions. There are several shortcuts you can take while following the footpath to fuzzledom. Join us on the adventure as we investigate ‘how to grow a beard’.

If you’re just growing a beard for the first time a regular grow and shave routine is necessary. This will stimulate the follicles and get things moving quicker in the long run. Work out where it grows quicker and trim that back allowing slower patches to catch up. Regular maintenance will also stop you from looking like you’ve just arrived from the ice-age.

Once you’ve adopted a fair-old-fuzz you’ll need to find yourself a decent trimmer. Shaping and styling a beard with a razor or hair clippers will spell disaster. Crafting and correcting a beards shape is much easier with tools designed for the job. You can pick up a decent beard trimmer with multiple attachments for an array of trim techniques for the same price as ten razor heads.

For those of you already acquainted and looking to grow your chin locks out further, we’ve a few tips as well. The obvious one is to stop trimming it, but there’s more. We advise not to trim, but to train. A little off here and a little off there will keep your beard fresh and free of split ends and you’ll find you can direct it in its growth. Beard wax is also a great tool for getting everything going in the direction you want it to go or holding it all in place for a night out.

Once you’ve got the beard of your dreams, or the beard of your significant others dreams, keep it brushed daily. There’s no secret to making it grow faster, remember that everyone’s chin is different and like the perfect pint of Guinness, good things come to those who wait. Regular grooming will keep it looking fresh, healthy and hairy.

From haircuts and beard trims, to colour and keratin book into one of our barbershops and let our expert barbers take you up a level. Had a busy week? Our mani-pedi treatments for hands and feet, will keep you fresh and tuned in from tip to toe.