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Here at Chaps & Co, we concern ourselves in your health and well being. You’re number one to us, so we want to make sure that you are the best you that you can be. Recently, we’ve been locked down, pigging out and bulging at the seams. Self preservation has taken on different forms through the crisis.

Your diet plays a really important part in the health of your hair. From the rate of growth to its natural defences, what you pop in your pie hole plays a part in what happens up top. There are all kinds of foods, drinks and supplements you can use to help your hair stay healthy, so let’s have a look.

Smashed Avocados

Avocados, ‘av a tendency to be packed to the brim with healthy fats and essential vitamins. Not only that, they’re pretty damn tasty and form a great part of a breakfast, dinner or lunch. They have a high vitamin E content, which is great for your scalp. Your scalp harbours your hair follicles, so a healthy scalp means healthy hair.

Fatty Fish

Omega-3 has shown it helps in the reduction of hair loss, but also ups the density. As well as being delicious, varied and versatile, fish is full off protein and Omega-3. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are breaming (puns always intentional) with both. If you enjoy catching your own, more kudos to you. Bring outdoors and active, never a bad thing.

Seedy Activities

Are you a secret eater? Do you love a pocket snack? Are you a fan of hoovering up after yourself relentlessly? Seeds may be the answer. Jokes aside, seeds provide an ultimate source of protein, vitamins, Omega-3 and essential fatty acids.

Seeds are pretty much guilt free and for the avid snacker, can keep your jaw busy for hours as you graze the day away. With loads of nutritional value and very little in the way of calories, its easy to see how birds stay in such great shape.

Sweet Potatoes

Whats better than a potato? A beta-carotene potato. Sweet potatoes are the ultimate beta-carotene source. Beta-carotene gets transformed by the body into vitamin A. One sweet potato will provide around four times your daily vitamin A requirement. Vitamin A helps your body produce sebum which has a proven track record in healthier hair.

If all this talk has made you a tad peckish, why not visit our Chaps & Co at Reform Social & Grill. They’ll cook you up some tasty bites whilst we get to work on your bangs.