At Chaps & Co, there is not a single member of our team that doesn’t know the stresses and strains of a hard day’s work. We’re a busy bunch, we work hard, play hard but also know the importance of balance. Finding time to relax, unwind and recuperate is a necessity if you intend on staying on top of your game.

If you’re finding yourself increasingly under pressure to perform, you may not have the time you need to completely unwind. A great way to increase your release, is with a massage. All the benefits of a full day off can be squeezed in (or out, if you like) to a thirty-minute session with a trained massage professional.

Our range of massage service have grown over the last few years. Navigating the menu might be akin to reading foreign languages if you’re new to the idea. For that reason, we’re taking this opportunity to explain just what each of our massages offer.

The Bachelor Balinese

As the name suggest, the Balinese originates in the beautifully exotic, Indonesian province of Bali. Making use of acupressure, skin rolling and firm yet gentle strokes, the Balinese promotes healthy circulation and can improve your immune system.

Using essential oils, the Balinese is a deeply therapeutic massage. For this reason, it can also reduce stress, help with irregular sleeping patterns, boost energy and of course relieve stresses.

The Swedish

One of the better known on the menu, The Swedish is a light to medium pressure massage. The number one benefit of a Swedish massage is pain relief. If you suffer with back pain, or any other specific joint or muscle pain, let your massage professional know. They can target these areas making effective use of the massage in relieving the discomfort of short-, or long-term injuries or conditions.

The Swedish massage is excellent for rehabilitation. Also promoting good circulation, a healthy immune system and increased flexibility it’s perfect for the more active among us.

Deep Tissue Sportsman’s Massage

Over worked muscles, strains and stretches can all benefit from deep tissue massage. Helping with musculoskeletal issues and sports injuries, this massage incorporates sustained pressure to break up scar-tissue.

Using slow, deep strokes the focus is on the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. A heavily relaxing massage, the Deep Tissue Sportsman’s reduces pain, speeds up recovery and increases flexibility.

The Hot Stone

Hot stones are used as a way of speeding up the process for the massage therapist. Placed or rubbed on the body, the stones warm muscles allowing the therapist to work quicker and deeper. This therapeutic technique has been used for thousands of years and helps keep skin healthy, and circulation optimal.

Using stones of various sizes placed at different locations, the slow and gentle strokes that follow help the recipient feel grounded and relaxed. Releasing toxins and relieving pain, the Hot Stone massage has many, many health benefits from reducing muscle spasms to relieving autoimmune disease symptoms.

Thai Dry Massage

The Thai Dry combines traditional massage techniques with classic yoga stretches. Known to reduce headaches and migraines, the massage is popular for businessmen, weary travellers and athletes alike.

Gradually stretching the body, the massage improves flexibility, blood flow and energy levels. Some more detailed focus can be given to specific areas such as back, joint or muscle helping recovery from injury or to simply remain supple.


We also offer an express thirty-minute massage which focuses on the back and shoulders. In addition, you can add any of the following to the above services- head massages, reflex foot treatment, +30 minutes and hot stones.

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Chaps & Co are committed to your health and well-being. For our full list of service, you can check here. And remember to #KeepItHandsome