Taking the best care of your man-mane is as important to us as it is to you. When you visit Chaps & Co, the more manageable your hair arrives, the easier our job will be. We’d like to share with you a few industry secrets to help you identify and rectify damaged hair.


Identifying damaged hair should be straight forward. The first indications will be its condition. When your usual silky-smooth locks turn out dry and unmanageable, it’s a sure sign that somethings gone sideways. Natural oils protect your hair but repeated washing and drying cause them to deplete.

Split ends are often found when it’s been a while since you bounced into the barbers. You can check for them by running your fingers through your hair. If the ends feel rough or stick out from the rest, the ends are damaged and need trimming.

If you find your hair is breaking more than usual or has lost its elasticity, the likelihood is that it’s suffering. The protective outer layer of your hair, the cuticles, act like a shell. Small keratin shields form a layer around the outside, keeping moisture out. When they’re damaged, your hair is more susceptible to damage.


The best way to avoid issues is to take steps in damage prevention. Relentlessly using heat and styling products on your hair will leave it shabby and tired. Shampoos that favour harsh chemicals like sulphate are ones to avoid, find something with natural ingredients. When drying your hair, try to avoid aggressive rubbing. Patting or leaving it to dry naturally is the key.

Damaged hair is pretty much irreparable, but all is not lost. If your hair is too dry, try applying some essential oils. With split ends, a quick trim at the barbers will leave clean cuts allowing for hair to grow back healthily. If you keep your hair in a layered style, it may be possible to trim out any damaged patches.

Protecting your hair from things like swimming is important, especially in chlorinated pools. Using products like coconut oil will form a protective barrier, sealing off the cuticles and keeping them waterproof. These preventative measures will keep the damage at bay and your hair looking sharp and smooth.


If you’ve any concerns about the health of your hair, feel free to pick our brains next time you visit. We’re always happy to help.

When it comes to hair care, we’re more than aware that you don’t always the time to run through all the necessaries. That’s why Chaps & Co are on side to look after the finer details. Book into one of our barbershops today for a once over, from a massage to a new style or maybe a Chaps & Co mani-pedi, whatever it is we’ve got you covered. Click here to find your closest Chaps location.