It seems like quite a while since we looked at celebrity trends. That’s probably because 2020 was a bit of a flop for most of us, shut indoors, away from sunlight having barbershop withdrawals. Well, 2021 is here now and we think it’s about time you had a change of style.

What we’ve noticed, is a lot of old school styles making their return. It seems that Gen Z love the retro fashion. The K-pop loving eBoys of today appear to be finding inspiration from their father’s 1990’s world cup sticker book. And fair play to them, although it doesn’t make your music sound any better.

Anyway, without further ado, lets see who’s at the front of the queue.

Crew Cut

Here’s a little crew cut trivia for you. The crew cut originates from Yale. In 1927, the rowing team all got their hair cut short. This was spurred by team member Jock Whitney, who donned the luck to keep his hair from blowing in his eyes. As you row sitting backwards, the crew cut (as it became known) was perfect for the job.

Just in case you wondered, they lost that year.

You can usually find a clean example of a crew cut up at the top of Ryan Rodney Reynolds’ head. He dips in and out of the look on the regular. Could there be a correlation between Ryan’s crew cut and the filming of a new Deadpool? Fits in with his Deadpool mask, perfectly. We challenge you to keep an eye on that.


You might argue that curtains were most popular in the 90s. If modern adaptations of vampire stories are to be believed though, they were the original keepers of the curtains. Bill Compton, from HBO’s True Blood, curtains. Vampire hunter Jeremy Gilbert, curtains. Moonlight’s Mick St. James, you see where we’re heading.

Well, just as you thought time had been called and the curtains had been closed, they’re back. This look is predicted to have grown out of lockdown. With the world on a year-long scissor ban, many locks have grown to lengths unseen since 1996.

Slick-Back Swoop

Dr Who’s main man from the eleventh series, Rory Williams (played by Arthur Darvill) had a spectacular slick-back swoop. Take your regular old slick back, then add some swoop by brushing it to the side. This look works great with short sides, or with a bit of length as our man Darvill displays below.

The Bro Flow

Another style born of lockdown is the bro flow. Adaptable from the curtains by brushing it all back, Bradley Cooper has been rocking this one for a while. This medium to long length cut usually whisps back behind the ears giving the appearance of running in wind.

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