Part of the lure of a modern barbershop is the atmosphere. At Chaps & Co tradition meets trend with a balanced blend of boutique and vintage barbershop. From the minute you enter the shop, you should feel relaxed. The subtle décor is designed with your comfort in mind, catering to even the more introverted means nobodies left feeling fidgety.

Accompanying the serene décor, a soundtrack of simple tastes and talents soothes your mind as we get to work on your restoration. But what are these cool vibrations that vindicate the violations of modern life?

Chaps & Co’s roots are set firmly in the valleys of Wales, UK. As an ode to the homeland, the sound of our shops usually echoes that of the British barbershops. Featuring numerous Brit-rock, Brit-pop that defined the 90’s, the easy listening, upbeat tempos and musical stylings are familiar to many the world over.

Alternative rockers and fellow Welsh legends Stereophonics feature heavily in our playlist, their 20-year reign has produced 7 chart topping albums and counting. As a staple of Welsh rock ‘n’ roll diet, you can expect to hear Kelly Jones’ whiskey tones across all of our locations, at any time of the day.

Moving to more recent times, Lewis Capaldi recently won the 2020 Brit award for song of the year for his track ‘Someone you Loved’. As someone we love, he made the Chaps & Co playlist and you’ll frequently find our barbers singing along.

We’re not all about the Brits when it comes to our ambiance of course. Music from around the globe excites us and our love also spans across generations. Big hitters such as Van Morrison, Hall & Oates, AC/DC and the Eagles show the US some old school lovin’, whilst Steppenwolf and The Blue Stones keep it Canadian friendly.

If it’s pop that makes you hop, stick around long enough and you’ll also hear a bit of Elton John, the Bellamy Brothers, Tom Petty, Simply Red or the Lighthouse Family. With many strings to our bow, we aim to keep the listening light and the experience of a visit to our barbers as relaxed and enjoyable as you’d like.

For more of our Barbershop Beats you can check the Chaps & Co playlists here and here. Follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all Chaps & Co news and let us know what you’re listening to.

Whatever your style, Chaps & Co go the extra mile to make sure you leave with a smile on your face. From haircuts and beard trims, to colour and keratin book into one of our shops and let our expert stylists take you up a level. Had a busy week? Why not book in for a fix with a range of massages, treatments for hands, body and feet or a combo to keep you fresh and tuned in from tip to toe.