OTHER SERVICES ( Ear Waxing – Threading )

At Chaps & Co, we know it’s not just the hair that makes the look and we provide a full range of extra services to keep your looks as slick as your locks.

Ear waxing or nose waxing keeps unsightly hairs from protruding and ruining your aesthetic. It’s a little something that you might not see yourself but that will be instantly noticeable to those around you and a tiny bit of waxing can make a massive difference to your appearance.

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We offer beard and eyebrow threading to keep these areas neat and even as well as hair tattoos to enhance and thicken the look of your hairline.

Grooming packages that combine a range of different treatments to suit your needs, including hair, beard, skin and massage treatments make a great way to treat yourself or your mates to a bit of self-indulgence. We also provide scalp treatments, blow drys and styling and a charcoal facemask, keeping you tip top from head to chin.

Whatever your needs Chaps & Co are on hand to keep you fighting fit and fluff free. Our stylists and groomsmen have been carefully selected as the best in the land, to make sure you’re in safe hands.

Nose & Ear Waxing

Ear waxing

If hairy patches plague your beach body, why not look to Chaps & Co for a wax treatment? Read More

Waxing is a great technique for removing larger patches of hair, without leaving stubbly remnants and a shadow.”]

With a smoother finish than shaving and more time before regrowth, Waxing has become the modern man’s solution to an age-old problem. Is it painful? With experienced therapists and the best products in the business, swap the daunting feelings for a more relaxed experience.


Charcoal Face Mask

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Charcoal face-masks offer a pore clean out like no other. The charcoal compound  Read More

attracts dirt and oil lifting them out of your pores and away from your face.

Unlike some face masks charcoal is also good at leaving behind the essential oils leaving your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.


Beard & Eyebrow Threading

eyebrow threading dubai

From eyebrows to neckhair, threading is one of the newer techniques in Barbering. Read More

Making use of thin cotton twisted, and rolled over the hair plucking out any unwanted strands.

The technique is fantastic for shaping, styling and maintaining more manageable areas.


Scalp Treatment

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Suffering from flaky, itchy scalp: dandruff, or a mild reaction to a product you are using? Read More

Chaps & Co now offer professional scalp treatments. Working out the week’s stresses through the top of your head, applying products to help ensure your scalp remains in its very best condition all year round, improving both the appearance of your hair and, hopefully, your confidence levels. 


Hair Tattoo

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A trend set and evolved predominately by professional football players. The hair tatooo is an Intricate Read More

  Cut-Out Design with clippers, detailers and razors, usually (but not limited to the back and sides of the head)

It’s becoming a common request in the barbershop. Women’s undercuts and hair tattoos are becoming a common request in the barbershop!

mens haircut dubai

A Chaps & Co grooming package can be made up of variations of our service to suit. Read More

Our off-the-shelf includes a haircut, beard trim, nose wax and threading.

The ultimate indulgence in manscaping and mane-tenance will keep you motivated and moving, ready to tackle your week.