Time to step up your beard trim game. Chaps & Co offer a range of beard grooming services to keep your chin fuzz in check. From a full traditional shave to a complete rebrand with a style and shape, our team of expert beard barbers are ready to help you achieve your vision.

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From the everyday to the Saturday night special, a trim around your chin can make all the difference to the look you’re sporting and a small change in your shaving game can make a big difference to your face.

Home beard trims are ok for a tidy up, but when you’re making changes it’s only sensible to consult a gents hair salon. There, you can be advised on different looks according to your face shape, style or any event you have in mind.

Lines, full beards, patches and moustaches, at the best barber shop in Dubai you can get expert advice on all of these and many more, to make sure you’re flexing the face that suits you best.

Our professional barbers and male grooming service offer’s a luxury and fully equipped salon with only the finest barbers and groomsmen in the land. Whether you have a look in mind or would like some guidance around the world of facial fashion, our beard trimming services have got your back.

Traditional Shave

beard trimming dubai

The famous one, beard trimming at its simplest – a clean, straight razor shave and hot towel treatment for the smoothest chin in town. Book in yours today you won’t regret it.


Light Beard Trim

skin fade beard trim dubai

A tidy up for the shorter beards to help maintain shape. This one might need to be more regular to keep some styles fresh. Come and see what Chaps can do for you.


Bespoke Beard Trim

mens haircut dubai

Trimming for unique beards. From Van Dykes and Verdi’s to a Dutch or a Ducktail, our professional barbers will have your beard looking its best.