2019 mens hair trends

Keeping that look as fresh as when you hopped out of the barber’s chair is sometimes easier said than done. Building up a good rapport with your barber is always an advantage, but the longer you carry their cut, the further their reputation travels and that is as important to them, as it is to you. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask the experts, we’re always happy to help.

Chaps & Co want you to get the maximum mileage out of your modelled hair, and to help you out we’ve put together this list of do’s and don’ts to keep your funk flexin’.

Pre-Style Your Freestyle

Before you go wild with the wax, you should really think about adding some pre-style treatment such as a mousse or sea-salt spray. Added to damp hair, this base layer will protect your locks for longer and give the overall finish a greater impact. Pre-stylers are great for taming wiry, coarse hair, adding volume to flat hair but mainly adding some much-needed protection to your nest.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Over-washing is a big no-no, especially if you’re at the wiry end of the scale. If that’s you, we’d recommend just washing twice a week and always make good use of a conditioner. If you’re finding it a bit dry up top, drop a wash from your routine for a smoother, healthier looking hair.

Head Massages

A healthy scalp is paramount to a healthy head of hair. This may seem obvious, but how do you help create that? Head massages can really improve the circulation, destress a tense scalp and provide good overall stimulation for frazzled follicles. Why not book in for one of our signature head massages? They’re simply sublime!

Pat, don’t Rub

Pat your hair dry, don’t rub, especially if you’re already thinning. Treating your head like you’re shining a bowling ball does nobody any favours. You may be getting the job done marginally quicker, but the damage caused by rubbing your hair dry can cause you all sorts of coiffure kerfuffle’s. Hair is weaker when wet, breakages will lead to thinning.

Protect Against Chlorine

If you’re an avid swimmer, you’ll probably be familiar with the effects of chlorine on your man mane. Chlorine strips the natural protective outer layer leaving hair dry and brittle, and if swimming is your bag, there’s not really any easy way to avoid it. There are measures you can take to reduce these effects though; thoroughly wetting your hair with clean water before getting into the pool helps minimise the damage, but a light coating of conditioner beforehand is your best bet.

Keep Your Comb Close

A regular comb slides unnoticed into your back pocket, this weapon of mass creation can play a crucial part in containing a crisis. A wet comb run through any hair product will reactivate its styling properties and get everything back in place for some instant panache.

Whatever the condition of your curls, Chaps & Co have a wealth of experience in getting it right.

From hair and beard, to colour and keratin book into one of our salons and let our expert stylists take you up a level. Had a busy week? Why not book in for a fix with a range of massages, treatments for hands, body and feet or a combo to keep you fresh and tuned in from tip to toe.