Our Founder, Jordan Davies’s interview with Khaleej Times on this years Ramadan Campaign.

See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ap1EHYgtw0

  1. Can you provide us with a short bio of Chaps&Co? How’d you get started? What’s the back story?
    Chaps & Co is a no-nonesense barbershop where a man can be a man, sit down, get an ice cold drink and chat, during a clean haircut and a straight razor shave.
    Inspired by Barbershop trends in the west in 2015 we identified the gap in the market in the UAE. As residents and longtime friends, my partners (Chris and Mark) and I, decided it was time to bring grooming experiences from home (UK) to the Dubai. We opened our first branch in November that year. (2015)
  2. What is your Ramadan initiative called, and what inspired you to launch the project?
    Chaps Smiles is the name. Inspired by so many local and multinational businesses in the middle east playing their small part in giving back to the community in the spirit of the holy month.
  3. What services were provided to the workers, how many were there?
    We began with just haircuts but of course, some of the Chaps with less hair on their head than their face, we’re offered beard trims and the occasional shave. We managed 176 Haircuts in just 12 hours, with 16 of our barbers taking part in the initiative. Credit to our boys, they were absolutely fantastic and took the challenge head-on.
  4. What was the response like, how did the men take to being groomed? 
    At first they we’re naturally a little apprehensive, but when the larger group got to se the results of their comrades, the line quickly grey into a 30-45 minute wait. The shift patterns meant there was a steady flow of workers arriving or leaving to their work site. Word spreads incredibly fast in these parts, and by the 2nd hour, we had a large audience. Music was playing (south Indian tunes) and it felt more like a party by the late morning.
  5.  I assume it was an emotional experience for the barbers, so, was there a moment that really stood out for the Barbers? An individual event that made the initiative really special?
    Absolutely an emotional day all round. The barber rotation meant they all worked 4 hours each, the handover was interesting, they didn’t seem to want to leave as they we’re enjoying the entire experience. What made it special was the reveal moment where the Chaps would see their new look/ style in the mirror. That’s where we captured the smiles seen in the video. Even the smallest of gestures can bring so much happiness, it was truly wonderful.
  6. What is the future of the Chaps Ramadan initiative?
    After such a successful event, there’s no doubt we will be returning, next time will be bigger, more people, and hopefully giving more smiles to some of the worlds hardest working men. Thanks again to Roberts Construction for being so accommodating and welcoming. Until NEXT YEAR!