Circle Beards – aka the Door Knocker have been seen on chins from Breaking Bad’s Walter White to our abiding dude, Jeff Bridges. Essentially a sculpted goatee the more vertical growth between the chin and moustache is fuller than an average goatee giving an overall ‘circle’ effect. Stubble growth on the cheeks may add a texture without losing form, but we’d recommend keeping that beauty trimmed and contoured correctly.

Garibaldi – hardman Connor McGregor has had the run of this look for a fair share of his career. The Garibaldi is like a tamed Bandholz. With just a little bit of trimming required you could be pound for pound the greatest showman on planet earth. Speaking of showmen, very popular with circus masters, the Garibaldi. Top tip for 2020.

Stubble  –  the busy man about town doesn’t always have time in his workday to keep that freshest of looks. Never fear, the 5-through-to-12 o’clock shadow is a certain sign you’re there for business. In the age of subscription razors the working man about town isn’t at home to sign for the delivery anyway.

Extended Goatee aka the Hollywoodian aka the Tailback, combines traditional goatee with a moustache. Extends your beard across the jawline rather than ending at your chin. A little stubble growth around the cheeks certainly adds character, this look’s a firm favourite with Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam.

Van-Dyke – takes its name from Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck, but you know it from everyone’s favourite pirate, Johnny Depp. A goatee and moustache combo, you keep the vertical elements clean shaven. Straight out of the 17th century some fancy additions to this versatile variant include a curly moustache or an overgrown, wispy soul patch. Ooh arr.

Moustache – The moustache is back! French ticklers tickle places other beards don’t, and donning a cookie duster has definitely been more and more frequent throughout the last couple of years. We expect to see many variations of this fanciable face furniture popping up in fashion magazines and celebrity photoshoots across the globe. Marc Rebillet has gone global over the last two years, and his bro-mo has taken to the stage with him, consistently.

Chinstrap – Gentlemen, hold on to your chins! This old time classic never really left, the chinstrap drops the mutton-chops for a more detailed jawline softening the most oval of faces. From ear to ear with clean shaven upper regions the chinstrap defines the edges of your jawline adding character to your face without the fuzz. We’d recommend keeping this one tidy, just like our boy Lewis Hamilton demonstrates perfectly.

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